Project Description

Electrob technologies Pvt. Ltd.  are providing python based software project.

We are providing hands on experience to the internship and training students.

Our Company Provides

We are providing python projects.

Python Project List:                                     Title Domain
1 Application of Text Classification and Clustering of Twitter Data for Business Analytics Python
2 Text Mining Based on Tax Comments as Big Data Analysis Using SVM and Feature Selection Python
3 Research on Kano Model Based on Online Comment Data Mining Python
4 Visual Analysis of Spatio-temporal Distribution and Retweet Relation in Weibo Event Python
5 Comments Mining With TF-IDF: The Inherent Bias and Its Removal Python
6 Discovering Program To poi via Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Python
7 Digits: Automated Code Review via Software Repository Mining Python
8 Theme-Related Keyword Extraction from Free Text Descriptions of Image Contents for Tagging Python
9 Extraction  Algorithm  of  English  Text  Summarization   for  English Teaching Python
10 Sentence Vector Model Based on Implicit Word Vector Expression Python
11 Smart Trailer : Automatic generation of movie trailer using only subtitles Python
12  A Machine Learning Approach for Tracking and Predicting Student Performance in Degree Programs Python
13 Traffic Sign detection using Fuzzy neural networks Python
14 Application of data mining methods in diabetes prediction Python
15 An Analytic Gabor Feed forward Network for Single-sample and Pose- invariant Face Recognition Python