Project Description

Electrob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are providing IOT projects.

they are interfacing in the sensor is connected with the   controller and it will update the information in the server.

Our Company Provides

We provide IOT Projects.

IOT Project List:

1 SCIoT01 IoT Based Device Control System
2 SCIoT02 IoT Based Security System
3 SCIoT03 IoT Based Irrigation System
4 SCIoT04 Fluid Level Monitoring System By Using IoT
5 SCIoT05 Kitchen Parameters Monitoring System By Using IoT
6 SCIoT06 Sensor Data Logger System By Using IoT
7 SCIoT07 Garbage Monitoring System Using IoT
8 SCIoT08 Bank Security System Using IoT
9 SCIoT09 IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System
10 SCIoT10 IoT Based Streetlight Controller System
11 SCIoT11 Modern  Automized  Theft Identification System In  Museums By Using IoT
12 SCIoT12 IoT Based Fire Detecting  Alerting System
13 SCIoT13 IoT Based Weather Reporting System
14 SCIoT14 IoT Based Alcohol & Health Monitoring System
15 SCIoT15 IoT Based Gas Pipe Leakage System
16 SCIoT16 Automatic Rain Fall Monitoring System Using IoT
17 SCIoT17 Student/Employee Attendance System Through IoT
18 SCIoT18 Green House Monitoring System Using IoT
19 SCIoT19 Mining Security Data Reporting To Web server Using IoT
20 SCIoT20 Data Uploading To Web server Using IoT