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About the company

Electrob Technologies provides various IT Solutions, Academic Projects, Internships, Workshops, we are well known for our quality training and delivering services on time. At Electrob Technologies we have specialized trainers to train, develop. Our clients and students are given hands on experience.


The Main vision of Electrob Technology is ” To mainly spread the Knowledge of technology without the age limit from small child to grown up professionals”.

The vision of Electrob Technology is to involve students Quality and practical Education. In the years to come its vision is to keep its students in the forefront in Engineering and Technological Education.

Moreover it should remain forever a world class institution for technological education and scientific research for public good.


The Main Mission of Electrob Technology is “To impress Customers through innovative use of Technology, Support, Service and Customer Referrals”.

Embedded Programs

We offer Embedded related programs, with training and internship, were you can acquire practical knowledge.

VLSI Programs

VLSI is the talk of the town topic, we provide various projects, products and training on VLSI technology


We are in the era of automation were robotics are deployed, at Electrob Technologies we offer academic projects and products with training and internship.

Wireless Communication

By utilizing the latest technologies in the field of wireless communication we have developed various projects and products which would revolutionize.

Electrical Projects

Electrob Technologies is involved in the field of electricals as well, our projects are aimed to automate and improve the process which are complicated in nature.

Mechanical Projects

We are also deeply rooted in the mechanical branch, our unique projects and products are designed to improve the precision of the mechanical devices.

Service Highlights

Skill Development
Software Development
Interfacing Tools

Training andInternships

The Electrob Technologies is one of the giants in corporate and academic training centers, we are committed to the professional training to our clients and students. In the Internships students are involved in the core team of professionals  so that they are exposed to the real challenge.

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