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About Us

Electrob Technologies Pvt. Ltd Having Started Our Journey in 2015, It Was Purely Based on Embedded Manufacturing Company. It’s an important Milestone That Reflects Our Capability as a Partner for PCB Design and Development, Prototype and Real time Based Projects Automotive, Aerospace and Associated Technologies and Manufacturers. Electrob Technology Is a Real time Based Work Force Management System of Embedded Platform, We are One of The Manufactured Company with a Wide Range of Security Solutions. Embedded Product, Services to the Client with Respect to the Different Application and Technologies, We are Designed and Developed by Hardware and software Background.


Electrob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Providing Various IT Solutions. We are Experts in Different array of Embedded System Design and Platforms Encompassing Both Technologies in Hardware and Software Programming. Our Services are Recognized as the Embedded System Design, PCB Design, and Software Sesigned and Development Company.


Integrated Circuit Design:

Our Chip Design and Development Showcase the Entire Chip Development Process including 8051, arm7, and raspberry pi, Adriano, Test and Product Engineering. We can Seamlessly Transition from Development to Production, Which allows Increased Efficiency and accuracy, Faster time to Market and Optimized Cost.

Embedded Solutions

Electrob Technologies Pvt. Ltd is Software and Hardware Designed, Developed and Manufacturing Company. We are Developing to the Embedded Projects and servicing to the embedded Products. Our Embedded Teams Develops full Product Solutions From Design, Manufacturing the Product, and Software Development Life-Cycle Management.

Software Design Solutions

Electrob Technologies Pvt. Ltd is Developed by Various Types of Software Development and Android Development Projects, with respect to Different Technologies.Software Solution is able to Holistically Address the Customer’s Business needs, with a Different set of Technologies.

Hardware Design solutions

Electrob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is One of the Best Engineering Solutions Partner in the PCB Design Services. We are Providing Design Services for the Development of Different Technology and Application for both Public and Private Sectors in India within a Short Span of Time.

Wireless Communication

Electrob Technologies Designed and Development Based Company We  Provide Wireless Communication Projects. By Utilizing the Latest Technologies in the field of Wireless Communication. We have Developed Various Projects and Products Which Would Revolutionize.

Electrical Component

Electrob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  is Designed and Services for Various Electrical Components. Basic Electrical Components Commonly Found in the Circuits of almost all Peripherals. These Devices are The Essential Building Blocks of Electronic and Electrical Circuits.

Mechanical Component

Electrob Technologies One of the Product Manufactured Company. We are Providing Unique range of Mechanical Projects and Products. and We are also Servicing to The Customer in a Different Technology.

Service Highlights

Real Time Project
Software Development
Prototype Project
Embedded Development

Services to The Customer

Electrob Technologies Pvt.Ltd. is Providing Various IT Solutions, on Real Time Project and Prototype Project. We are Leading System Integrator Company We are Servicing Overall India  , We are Provide Solutions and Services across Automotive, Aerospace  Education, Health Security , Manufacturing of LED Product, Telecommunication . Our Company makes a ideal Partner for Organizations for Transforming IT Solutions. Our Core Capabilities are Great Human Resources, Commitment to Quality and Wide Range of Technology and Business Consulting, Solutions and Services. Electrob Technology Helps in Increasing Business Productivity. We are Believes That Certain Core Technologies have a Big impact on Business Competitiveness Going Forward. Businesses are transforming constantly in order to get better and better. We are provides the right insight of technology and support to help businesses transform, making business functions simpler, faster and better.

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